The way we create real followers is by creating a promotion for your Instagram account on our partnered follow exchanges.

After your payment is received our team review your order, check your account, and then create your promotion. This is usually all done within the first 2 hours of placing your order.

Once your promotion is created it waits on our partnered exchange for a free spot to go live and start sending you followers. A promotion will normally go live within 2 hours, however in some extreme circumstances it can spend up to 3 days waiting in the queue for a free spot.

Reasons your order has not yet started

The order was placed within the last 6 hours: if this is the case we do kindly ask that you wait the full 6 hours to allow your promotion to be created and go live before contacting us about the issue.

You have another order in progress for the same Instagram account: To ensure that each order gets our full attention and is completed to our high standards we only ever work on one order for each account at a time. So if you placed multiple orders for the same Instagram account the most recent orders will wait until the previous orders are completed. If you used the same email address for all of your orders you can track them all together here: https://instafamous.pro/order-details.php

Your payment has not yet been processed: Bank transfers and bitcoin payments both take longer for us to receive. 

Bank transfers are usually received within 5 business days, and bitcoin payments are acknowledged after 6 confirmations.

We only ever start work after your payment has been received and confirmed.

If you notice any issues with your payments please let us know as soon as possible so that we can help.

Your Instagram account is private: We are not able to send followers to your instagram account while it is private. This is mentioned in our terms of service, your order received email, and our payment confirmation page. If your account is private please change it to public. But don't worry, once your order has been completed you can make your account private again.

You have changed your Instagram username: If you change your username after placing an order with us you will need to change it back so that our team and partnered exchange can both find your Instagram account. Once an order is placed we are not able to change your username in our system so please make sure you enter the correct username before placing an order.

Delays in our service: If you have checked all of the above reasons why your order has not yet started and the issue still exists then please contact us. It is possible that we are experiencing a large number of orders and require extra time to complete your order.

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