Orders typically start receiving followers within 6 hours of placing them. However it can take up to 48 hours or longer in some extreme circumstances.

It is completely normal for your order to start and stop many times during the order process. This is because our team may need to create, run, and remove several promotions on our partnered exchanges to deliver your followers. Please be patient while we work on your order. You can check on your order status at any time here.

If you believe your order is taking much longer than expected please contact us.

The first 24 hours

Here is a rough guide of the first 24 hours of placing an order with us.

00:00 - The order is created and paid by the customer.

00:05 - The customer receives an email with their order ID and details.

00:30 - The order is reviewed by our team.

02:00 - Our team create a promotion and send it to our partnered exchange.

06:00 - Our partnered exchange runs the promotion, and the customer starts to receive followers.

24:00 - The order has received at least 1000 followers.

Note: The team may create, run, and remove several promotions during a single order. This gives your order the appearance of starting and stopping. However you can check your order status to ensure your order is still in progress.

Why is my order taking longer than normal?

There are a whole bunch of reasons why your order may be taking longer than normal including:

  • Large amount of orders in progress.

  • Less active user base on our partnered exchange.

  • Less interested users active on our partnered exchange.

  • Less popular promotions being run by our team.

  • Less popular instagram account.

  • Problems with our partnered exchange. (Will be resolved by our team)

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