How we get you real followers

The way we build followers is that we have contracts with companies that do follow exchanges. They have an excess of Instagram users that are looking to follow people. We buy this excess at a wholesale rate so that we can offer them at great prices to our customers. So you can be assured that the followers you gained are real accounts that have been made by real people who followed you manually.

We strictly do not use any bots or automated following software. Each new follower you receive was a individual person who has clicked to follow you.

Not much interactions

The followers we get you are in no way targeted towards your posts, and they can come from anywhere in the world. So while the instagram accounts will be active, they may not be as interactive with your posts.

Low quality profiles

On some follow exchanges some people create an alternative account and use that to follow other people, rather than using their regular day-to-day Instagram account. This may be why some of the users have a high follow rate, but not much other activity on their Instagram account.

Our Goal

We do try our best to find you followers that are going to stick around and interact with your content, however the primary goal of our website as defined in our terms of service is to boost your instagram follower count.

However due to the nature of Instagram followers and exchanges we are not able to make any kind of guarantee in regards to the quality of followers you receive from our service. We are also unable to make refunds based on the quality of followers you receive, as mentioned in our refund policy agreed to upon purchasing from us.

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