Why is this happening?

When receiving real Instagram followers there is always a risk for them to unfollow you. Unfortunatly we are not able to prevent someone from tapping the unfollow button.

Usually if you are losing followers its right after your order has been completed. This is why we usually over deliver your order to cover the loss of followers. Over the course of a few days the amount of followers you are losing should slow down to a stop.

In many cases even after losing followers most accounts flourish and grow organically well above the amount of followers that were ordered from our website.

However sometimes you may drop below your orders target amount of followers and you are left with less than what you originally paid for. In this situation we are more than happy to replace your lost followers for free.

To learn more on why people may choose to unfollow you check out our blog post:

Reasons why you may lose Instagram followers

Free Replacements

We always try to send you followers that will stick around. But if you have lost followers and have less than what you paid for then we are always happy to replace them for free!

To order your free replacement followers just visit the link below:

Order Free Replacement Followers

You will need to know your Instagram Username and your Order ID.

Your order ID can be found in both emails we sent to you containing your order information. This is the email with the subject Order Received and Order Completed.

If you cannot find these emails or your order ID please contact us and we can retrieve it for you.

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